Why choose ClinicalPsych-Support?




We assess and treat a range of mental health difficulties such as Autism, ADHD, Depression, Phobias, Anxiety, and low mood.






                                  We use clinical diagnostic tools as per NICE guidelines. 





                     We have no waiting list. Receive your appointment on the same or next day.

Experts are carefully matched to your needs. Our Clinician's are all highly experienced with at least a decade of experience, empathy, warmth and understanding.



We are in line with the best practise guidance for health care excellence (NICE) and our application to CQC is in progress.

                    Quick appointments, in person or over video. Whatever you are comfortable with. 




                                                       With over 10 locations and increasing



                                                           Ongoing support from your first call

                                                 Transparent, accessible and always on your terms