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Welcome to ClinicalPsych-Support Psychiatric Services

If you are thinking about seeing a private psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse then you can call our team to discuss what you need. They will give you a sensible and approachable suggestion to help you decide what you want. You don't need a GP referral and you can be seen either face to face or online within a few days of your request.

Why Choose us?

Because you can trust our experience, our qualifications, and our friendly specialists who can and will help you. 

Many of our patients take their report back to their NHS to continue their treatment free of charge on the NHS.


What sort of things do we help with?


Some common disorders that our psychiatric specialists help with include:

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Addictions

  • Autism child/adult

  • ADHD adult/child

  • Depression

  • Stress and burnout

Do I need to see a Psychiatrist or a Psychiatric Nurse?

It can be difficult to know if you need a psychiatrist. Thats okay. Our specialist triage team will help pointing you in the right direction. 

                  Call us on 0330 001 5393 to speak with one of our team about arranging an appointment or use the                                                                 contact us form to arrange a call back.


What is Psychiatry 

Psychiatry is a medical speciality of the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental health and disorders.

You will normally seen a psychiatrists when you think you may have a psychiatric difficulty or you are experiencing psychological difficulty that will benefit from medication. If you'r having a tough time but its not severe enough to qualify as psychiatric illness, or does not need medication, then you may prefer to see our psychiatric nurse or psychologist or psychotherapist.


Psychiatrists are medically trained professionals- they have completed medical school followed by specialist training in psychiatry. Due to completing medical training they are able to prescribe medication which psychologists or psychotherapists and niurses can not do. 


At ClinicalPsych-Support use only consultant Psychiatrists who atre the most highly trained mental health professional s you are likley to meet, and so they are the best person to receive a assessment and expert diaghosis from.



What do I do next?


Contact us and our traige team will take it from there. Our team of specialists are highly trained and experienced to give you honest, friendly and expert advice. They offer an abundance of compassion and support for your difficulty and will point you in the right direction. 


contact us on 0330 001 5393