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Autism and Pets


18 Mar 2023

Pets. The world of difference they can make to someone with autism.

Research from the university of Lincoln discovered that children with autism experienced less meltdowns when they were with their pet dog, not only this but their parents stress levels were significantly reduced too.

Many of the parents that we speak to and also adults are finding that as they reflect on there early years, there’s more and more evidence to support this diagnosis.

the global pandemic of Covid 19 has made such a drastic change to everyone’s ‘daily routine’ that they have had to do some research.

It has also been found that children with Autism that have pets have been observed to be more confident, experience less anxiety, and support families to do more things together they otherwise may not have found possible with a pet for their child.

What has also been found is that children and teenagers experience non judgmental, unconditional love, increasing their serotonin levels and boosting self regulation.